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We and the Community

We and the Community

Social responsibility is a very important part of “Germanika” business, and the company aims to share created value with employees and community where it works and develops its business.

The company often sponsors and constantly participates in cultural and sport events of the sea region: Šilutė town festival, Mykolinės festival, regional farmers festival in Žemaičių Naumiestis, Priekulė town festival. Together with the company employees and their family members “Germanika” organized JAMAM campaign and also willingly joins other social initiatives by the local community.

In July 2017 GERMUZIKA festival was organised for the company employees and their family members. “Germanika” factory that usually operates in 24/7 regime stopped its operation for the first time.
Roaring of modern machinery was replaced by the sounds of progressive classical music and image show – the concert for “Germanika” staff and their family members was organized by the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra (NIKO) led by the  composer and conductor Gediminas Gelgotas.

It was the way  how on 21 July- 4 August the organisers of Kintai music festival thanked the employees of “Germanika” for supporting one of the largest summer cultural event in Šilutė region.

In our social responsibility projects we pay a lot of attention to children education: we organise excursions for school students of nearby towns, where children learn about the company work and furniture production process, we also encourage and support a meaningful children leisure.

This summer children of “Germanika“ employees had an opportunity to take part in water sport camp in Kintai and basketball camp in Šilutė. The company compensated the largest part of camp vacation package expenses.